Quality Policy




Barlina Pty Ltd (Trading as Cagemaker) is one the World Leaders in Reinforcement
Cage Fabrication Processes. Operating state of the art manufacturing machinery in:


Delivering products from Sydney to Cairns including Central QLD.

Western Australia 

Delivering products from Albany to Broome including the central west mining district.

We work towards having an integrated management system, which is supported by all levels of the organisation. This system incorporates the Quality Assurance, Fabrication Plans, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management System.

We recognise that continual improvement is the success of our business. We achieve this by continual review of our practices and processes and looking after our interested parties, including employees, customers and stakeholders. By working in partnership with our customers and suppliers our aim is to ensure the manufacture of a safe and quality product, which meets or exceeds regulatory requirements, customer requirements and Australian Standards. To achieve our business objectives, we will maintain a management system consistent with the requirements of the International Standards for Quality Management Systems: AS/NZS ISO 9001.

Cagemaker is committed to employing the right people and providing them with career development opportunities. We strongly support training, enabling all our staff to be multi-skilled. We recognise that it is our people ‘who make the difference. We strive for teamwork and develop a culture and commitment to continuous improvement.

We are committed to identifying and controlling any hazards and supplying our staff with the best feasible facilities and equipment, enabling them to do the best they can, safely.

We are committed to reviewing and developing the latest technology and achieve such diversity through our leading systems. We can offer individual services to our customers whether it is on a local or global scale.

We strive to be attuned to and understand our market. We aim to exceed our customer’s current and future needs by not only sustaining but also increasing customer satisfaction.

The result will provide a basis for Cagemaker to achieve competitive advantage and therefore prosper through growth and improved profitability.

Wayne Barden
Managing Director